Iwate Art Project 2016

After The Great East Japan Earthquake, the stricken areas received great supports from all over the world. It does include the supports from many artists.

Here is about the upcoming event

Art never let people forget about the earthquake.

 Many works that is produced in the stricken area by many artists.
There are some works that make us feel love and warmness. Also,
there are some works that have scientific expressions as well.
The works are very meaningful, and they are questioning about the meaning of our presence.
Displaying these wonderful works in each country can tell people about the great earthquake,
and it makes people to not forget about tragedy.
Our purpose of this project is introducing those wonderful works to
as many people as possible with great appreciation.

What is Iwate Art Project 2016?

Iwate Art project is composed with exhibitions in 2016 and several events that support the exhibitions.

The next play event

Iwate Art Project 2016
The event of smiling portrait in Kamaishi

~Let’s bring your smile to the national tournament~

Iwate Art Project 2016 The event of smiling portrait in Kamaishi

We will hold the event of portrait with Shinpei Nagatomo, who is participating on NHK education TV program, and students from Morioka information business school. The portraits will be displayed in Morioka city during the period of National tournament next year. Lets boost the tournament by your smiles.

Date August 23th, 2015(Sunday)
Hours 11:00~16:00
Place AEON Town Kamaishi at the second floor event space
Fee free

Host: Iwate Art Project 2016 executive committee
Co-host: Morioka information business school

Iwate Art Project 2016 executive comm

The second Morioka Art concierge course
Date August, 30th,2015 (Sunday)
Hours 14:00~16:00
Place Morioka city community center
Subject 「The visual scene of old memory-Miyuki Sugimoto-」
Instructor The leader of Iwate art museum Masatoshi Ohno
Participation fee Adult 2000yen student 500yen
Contact for apply
Iwate miraikiko

(People in charge/Shimaguchi. Tada)

Magdalena Sole high school student exhibition publicly-offered

Any high school student in Iwate can apply for this event. Please send us your best shot.

Magdalena Sole high school student exhibition publicly-offered
Purpose As a high school student who experienced the great earthquake, they make works of photo and improve the skill of taking photo with finding the relationship between people and the hopes.
Theme of work 「Mael Time」
Application requirements High school students who belong to Iwate high school culture confederation
How many can be applied Two works for each person
The size of the work A4 or wide 6P, one photo, only digital work, only unpublished work
Application period June, 1st 2015(Monday)~October, 2nd2015(Friday)
Send the application to Iwate prefectural Morioka commercial high school Magdalena Sole photo contest
1-35-2 Honnomiya Morioka city Iwate 020-0666
Review (1)First round reviewed by Iwate high school cultural photo special committee
(2)The works that passed first round will be reviewed by Magdalena Sole in America and the best work will be chosen.
Other (1)After the work pass the first round, you have to submit the digital data of the work. (CD or DVD)
(2)The work and the data of the work won’t be returned.
(3)You have to attach the seal at the back of works.
(4)Good works will get best prize, second prize, the prize of Magdalena Sole. The best prize will be Nikon 1 J5(Sponsor: Nikon imaging Japan)
Remark (1)Awards ceremony Slide photo contest award ceremony,
   1Date:2015, December 14th (Monday)
   2 Place: Arena
(2) Exhibition 2016 October 1st (Saturday)~11th (Tuesday) The good works will be displayed in Morioka city during the national tournament(2016希望郷いわて国体)
(3)The works that got prize will be used for Art project business
Sponsor Nikon Imaging Japan

Host NPO Iwate miraikiko
Co-Host Iwate prefectural high school cultural photo club

The event schedule

Iwate Art project 2016 will be hold with 2016 Kiboukyo Iwate national tournament that is hold January 2016.


Winter national tournament

January, 27th~January31th

Panel display of introduction of activity and workshop by artist

Artist: Shinpei Nagatomo, Madoka Kawaguchi
Place: FESAN、Cross Terrace Morioka、MOSS、WANKO ROAD

Winter national tournament


Panel display of introduction of activity and workshop by artist

Place: Hachimantai

National main tournament Swimming game

September 4th~September11th

Media Art Exhibition

Artists: Shinpei Nagatomo, Madoka Kawaguchi, Sonodatsukushi, Shusaku Suzuki, Yudai Ogasawara
Place: Iwate Kokaido

Ana D'Apuzzo Exhibition

Artist: Ana D'Apuzzo  Place: Nanshoso

Chie Art Exhibition

Artist: Chie  Place: Morioka Machiya Monogatari kan hyodo hall

Shinpei Nagatomo Smile project Exhibition

Artist: Shinpei Nagatomo  Co-Host:Morioka information business school  Supporter・Place:Cross Terrace

Voices from Japan Exhibition

Artist:Voices from Japan  Place: Gozaku  Official web site:voices-from-japan.org

Iwate Manga project Exhibition


Workshop by host artists

Place: Morioka Machiya Monogatari kan

National main tournament

October 1st~October11th

Jose Maria Sicilia Exhibition
Jose Maria Sicilia Exhibition

Artist: Jose Maria Sicilia and students
Place: Morioka takuboku.Kenji Seishun kan


Artist: Jose Maria Sicilia、Magdalena Sole、Ralph Samuelson、Elizabeth Brown Issui Minegishi
Place: Tokusei storage

Hope thousand people portrait Exhibition
Hope thousand people portrait Exhibition

Artist: Naoto Nakagawa   Place: Morioka Machiya Monogatari kan hyodo hall

Magdalena Sole Public-offered High school photo Exhibition
Magdalena Sole Public-offered High school photo Exhibition

Artist: Magdalena Sole and the students who got the prize

Participating artists

Jose Maria Sicilia

Jose Maria Sicilia

Sicilia was born in Madrid and grew up under the Franco dictatorship. He spent his holidays in the monastery town of Escorial near the Sierra de Guadarrama. In 1975 he joined the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid. In 1980 he moved to Paris, where he first exhibited, and in 1985 he relocated to New York, where he became a close friend of the composer John Cage. His early work displayed an Expressionist tendency. During the 1980s he was hailed as one of the most prestigious young Spanish artists. He is known for his paintings of nature, including landscapes, insects and flowers.He has spent a large amount of time travelling in such countries as Tangier, Syria, Egypt, Morocco and India and his work is inspired by his sojourns. He is renowned for his unusual techniques such as the use of wax with lithography.
Reviewing an exhibition at the Queens Museum of Art, The New York Times noted "Jose Maria Sicilia's paintings are... refined and very seductive. His waxen surfaces create delicate plays of light and shadow. Objects appear like auras or afterimages through the translucent veneers." He has displayed at the Musee d’Art Contemporain (Bordeaux, 2001), Musee des Beaux-Arts (Caen, 2000), Venice Biennale (1986), Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno, Gran Canaria and Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum, Cairo. He also held multiple exhibitions in Japan, first in 1988, based in galleries in Nagasaki, Kyoto, Tokyo and most recently in Fukushima, in the wake of the 2011 tsunami and earthquake in the area. In 1989 he received the Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Wikipedia:José María Sicilia

Magdalena Sole

Magdalena Sole was born in Spain and grew up in Switzerland, as a daughter of Spanish immigrants. She holds a Masters of Fine Art from Columbia University. Her work has won numerous awards, including the Silver Award in 2011 at PX3 Prix de la photographie. France for her new book, “New Delta Rising”(University Press of Mississippi) and an Oscar for “Man On Wire” for which she was the production manager. Her work has been widely exhibited in the US and Asia.

Official web site:Magdalena Sole

Magdalena Sole

Naoto Nakagawa

Naoto Nakagawa

Naoto Nakagawa was born in Kobe, Japan in 1944 and in 1962 he immigrated to New York City. His paintings have been widely exhibited, starting in 1968 at the legendary avant-garde Judson Gallery in New York, followed by the Obelisk Gallery in Boston, New York galleries Reese Paley, OK Harris, Allan Frumkin, Victoria Munroe, and Feature Inc., and at Fuji Television Gallery and Tamada Projects in Tokyo, Japan. An exhibition at the Cooper Union Humanities Gallery was curated by Dore Ashton. Most recently, a two-part survey of Nakagawa’s work was mounted with his early work at White Box, NY and his new work at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, NY, with catalogue essays by Alexandra Munroe, Eric Shiner, John Perreault and Jonathan Goodman. He has participated in numerous group shows at, among others, The Guggenheim Museum, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Venice Biennale in 2005. His work is included in many public and private collections in the USA, Europe and Japan, including the New York Museum of Modern Art, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Worcester Museum, and The National Museums of Modern Art in Osaka and in Kyoto. The recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant, Nakagawa has taught and lectured at Columbia University and Parsons School of Design. He has been a guest lecturer at The Museum of Modern Art, NY, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA, The Japan Society, NY and the Portland Museum, OR.

Official web site:Naoto Nakagawa

Ralph Samuelson

Ralph Samuelson was trained in the classical tradition the Kinko school of shakuhachi under Goro Yamaguchi, Kodo Araki V, and Shudo Yamato, both in Japan and in the graduate World Music Program at Wesleyan University. He has performed the shakuhachi in numerous concerts of traditional and contemporary music in North America, Asia, and Europe, and is a frequent guest lecturer at universities and music schools. He has been presented in radio and television broadcasts in the United States and Japan and has recorded for Lyrichord Records, Music of the World, and CBS Masterworks. He teaches the shakuhachi in New York, where he is also the director of the Asian Cultural Council.

shakuhachi.com:Ralph Samuelson

Ralph Samuelson

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown combines a composing career with an extremely diverse performing life, playing flute, shakuhachi, and theremin in a wide variety of musical circles. Her chamber music, shaped by this unique group of instruments and experiences, has been called luminous, dreamlike and hallucinatory.
Brown's music has been heard in Japan, the Soviet Union, Colombia, Australia, South Africa and Vietnam as well as across the US and Europe. A 2007 Guggenheim Fellowship recipient, she has received grants, awards and commissions from Orpheus, St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble, Newband, the Asian Cultural Council, the Japan/US Friendship Commission, Meet the Composer, the Electronic Music Foundation, the Cary Trust, and NYFA. She has both played with Orpheus and also written for them; Orpheus commissioned Lost Waltz in 1997 and premiered it in Carnegie Hall. She has two solo CDs: Elizabeth Brown: Mirage (New World) and Blue Minor: Chamber Music by Elizabeth Brown (Albany), and her music is also available on CRI, Innova, and Music and Arts. Brown is Composer-in-Residence at the John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University for the 2014-15 season.

Official web site:Elizabeth Brown

Issui Minegishi

Minegishi Issui is the great-great-granddaughter of Tokuhiro Taimu, founder of the Seikyodo Ichigenkin tradition. She received her earliest training from her great-grandmother, Matsuzaki Issui, who was the 3rd hereditary head of Seikyodo and who was also designated by the Japanese government as official guardian of the Ichigenkin tradition, as one of the country’s Intangible Cultural Treasures. In 1988 with the death of her great-grandmother, the young Minegishi succeeded to the position of 4th Iemoto, while receiving further instruction from Saito Ichiyo who was entrusted as her guardian and tutor in the tradition.
Minegishi received a Bachelor’s degree from University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo, and also graduated with the 40th class of the NHK (Japanese National Broadcasting Company) training program for young performers of traditional Japanese instruments. In 1994 Minegishi performed at the Boston Conservatory’s Suelly Hall and at Carnegie Hall, and in 1996 she commissioned and debuted “Words of Poetry and Magic from the American Indian Oral Tradition,” a groundbreaking contemporary work for Ichigenkin and Biwa The following year, her study of the Vietnamese Dan bau (one string zither) in Ho Chi Min City with Nguyen Thi Hai Phuong, helped to further broaden Minegishi’s musical horizons. In 2000 Minegishi was responsible for the training of actors and actresses for the popular NHK television drama series “The Ichigen no Koto.” In the last few years Minegishi has had an active career performing ichigenkin in over ten countries throughout the world. In 2008, Minegishi had the honour to perform for Her Royal Highness the Empress of Japan.

Official blog:ひとつであり、すべてであり 一絃琴・峯岸一水の庵

Issui Minegishi


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